We Pour. You Print. 

Join us for open darkroom hours every Wednesday from 6-10PM. $30 includes four-hours of darkroom time and use of all of the PDR facilities (darkroom printing, film processing, and scanning). We’ll pour the chemicals and provide the enlargers; you print (or process + scan!) your hearts out!

We’ll have PDR members on site to help with any facilities or technical questions that might arise. We also invite any and all community members to stop by during these hours to check out the facilities, peruse a photo book or two, and hang with our team. We’re a friendly lot and would love to geek out with you! 

What We Provide:

  • All the equipment necessary to process b&w film and create darkroom prints (our enlargers accommodate formats as large as 5x7)
  • Four iMacs with Epson v700 and v750 scanners for C-41. E-6, and b&w film  (up to 4x5). 
  • Photo books, good vibes, and plenty of nerdy analog conversation. 

What You'll Need to Bring With You:

  • Photo Paper (RC or Fiber)
  • Negative Sleeves
  • Print Boxes or Sleeves
  • Thumb Drive/Hard Drive to Store Your Digital Scans


Jan. 24: Open Darkroom Hours
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Jan. 31: Open Darkroom Hours
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